Workpath Review

One of the best methods to connect your team and organization is by using objective and key results software (OKR) to develop strategies and process objectives.

OKR are typically the ambitious goals and the measurable results that let a company know of their progress towards these objectives and the overall final destination.

With OKR software, you can foster the organization’s set goals and build out the strategy further.

In other words, you may see it as an online goal tracker. Having good OKR software lets you align your employees’ goals with the company’s mission while giving your teams and individual workers a clear direction, among many other things.

What Is Workpath?

It’s an OKR strategy execution tool that helps companies firmly integrate strategies and operational work across all organizational levels. The software allows you to establish principles of the new working world that involve decentralization, adaptability, and customer-centricity.

It’s a helpful tool for larger enterprises to standardize the OKR process across multiple departments, locations, and levels. Workpath also makes it intuitive by letting you visualize dependencies and workflow.


  • It lets you set incredibly focused goals with measurable results and provides you with a simple workflow interface that guides your team and prevents them from making typical mistakes.
  • Workpath also lets you avoid double work or any task misalignment issue while giving you a way to discover team synergies. You can coordinate and synchronize your strategic focus across all teams.
  • It allows your teams to link their goals with their projects and tasks while letting you plan and monitor how your operative work contributes to the successful execution of the company’s strategy.
  • Workpath lets you identify ahead of time the challenges you may encounter as you work toward achieving your goal. It allows you to discuss whatever change or course correction may be necessary.
  • It provides a straightforward way to demonstrate how much your daily work contributed to the strategy’s execution. The product can also help pinpoint where the obstacles to achieving your company’s goal are, allowing you to fix any issue in resource allocation.


As is the case with plenty of other software, you have to go to their website and provide relevant company details to get a fitting price quote for their plans and, if you want, a free demo. However, it’s essential to be aware that they have a minimum annual contract value of EUR 21.000.

What Can You Use Workpath For?

  • Create goals with measurable key results.
  • Align your team’s individual goals with the company’s own.
  • Track and update employee progress in real-time.
  • Effortlessly organize responsibilities and analyze team performance.


  • It fosters transparency and engagement among the team members.
  • The software can turn every team into an adequate strategy executor.
  • It lets you optimize resource allocation.
  • The software can create a sustainable workplace environment.


  • The minimum annual contract value makes it inaccessible for small companies and individuals.
  • It doesn’t have a mobile application.


The Workpath OKR software is a flexible leadership and goal management framework.

It’s an excellent tool to steer your result-focused work and foster engagement and alignment towards a quantifiable goal.

Any large enterprise can obtain considerably valuable results with this software.

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