Workboard Review

With WorkBoard you can follow a brand’s strategic priorities, and check objectives and key results. Follow statistics of the whole team and individuals. With WorkBoard, you can have everything crystal clear.

Each quarter, a team leader can define measurable goals that they would like to achieve. Then, they can show them to the employees. Throughout the quarter, all data can be displayed and tracked, so people can stay on top of their goals.


Creating and measuring OKRs is one of the many features that this software can offer. Some of the others include:

  • Collaboration and Meetings – You can use the platform for contacting a group or creating 1on1 meetings between a leader and an employee. OKRs are set up in the agenda. They can be updated each minute, and the update is automatically published. 1 on 1 meetings are ideal for individual conversations regarding the goals of a particular employee. A leader can coach the conversation based on the OKRs. The journaling feature allows adding notes to the program.
  • Project Management – This feature can be used to create and track projects that can help in reaching goals. Workflow, Gantt charts, and calendars are the features that can be used to improve management.
  • One-click Functionality – One simple click is enough to share strategic plans, updates, and OKRs via Slack or email.
  • Chat – To face user needs, WorkBoard has a robot. It’s a chatbot that can find the answer to user’s questions, including project updates. Thanks to the meeting organizer, calendar availability can be checked via Microsoft Teams and Slack. ChatBot can reschedule the meeting, send reminders, and share the agenda.

What You Can Use It For

WorkBoard is dedicated to large companies that require a single solution to track, visualize, and create goals between various teams and locations.

It can also be a good solution for smaller companies that are interested in measuring OKRs but don’t require advanced features.


  • it can be accessed from any device
  • great and easy tool to capture action items and notes in 1on1 meetings
  • chatbot with AI and machine learning that can give support in finding relevant answers


  • it cannot measure an individual employee’s performance
  • it can be a bit complicated to learn for companies that have never used the OKR strategy
  • lack of monthly subscription option


This software offers two pricing plans, and they depend on the company size. There is no monthly billing, just annual, so the company has to face a one-year expense.

WorkBoard for Teams – If you manage a small team, this might be the right solution for you. The cost is $20 per month. In this option, you can measure OKRs, schedule meetings 1on1 and in a group. You can also share 5 GB of files. This version of the software can be integrated into Google, Outlook, Slack, and more.

WorkBoard for Enterprise – This version is dedicated to companies with at least 150 workers. The cost is $50 per person, per month. WorkBoard for enterprises has all the features that the version for teams has, plus more advanced OKR functionality, role-based access, single sign-on, and unlimited file sharing.

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