What is VideoForm?

VideoForm is a face-to-face conversation builder designed to boost lead generation. The software provides a new way for you to connect with prospects and helps you to guide them to purchase.

In its basic form, VideoForm lets you record a video message to display on your website or social media channel. Prospects can then watch this and reply with a video or audio message for a personal experience.

This face-to-face communication builds trust and helps boost lead conversions.

The software can also be used to collect video testimonials and feedback, create an interactive pop quiz, and send video replies to both prospects and existing clients. With many companies using instant chat to communicate, VideoForm can make your business stand out from the crowd through personal interaction.

Want to know more about VideoForm and its features? You’re in the right place. Below, we explore the conversion builder and its pros and cons in more detail.


Key Features

Add your own videos or use stock videos – For best results, you’re advised to record and add your own videos to VideoForm. However, the software also comes with plenty of stock video options for those who prefer it.

  • Customizable forms – VideoForm comes with multi-step forms with customization. This allows you to get the information you need from prospects. With the customizable forms, you can easily change step actions and accomplish your business goals.
  • Prospects can respond with video, audio, or text – After watching your video, prospects can respond with a video message of their own. While many people would love this, some would prefer to stay off-camera. VideoForm has considered this and provided an option for audio or text replies.
  • Embed on your website or share as a link – Once you’ve created your video, you can embed it on your website to replace the standard contact form. You can use your branding to make sure everything looks perfect. There’s also the option to share your VideoForm as a link, allowing you to send it on social media or via email.
  • Collect testimonials – As well as chatting with prospects, VideoForm can be used to collect video feedback at the end of a project. These testimonials can then be shared on your website and social media platforms to build trust amongst new clients.



Below, we explore some of the things that make VideoForm great.

+ Personal introduction

One of the best things about VideoForm is that it allows a personal introduction.

Instead of prospects skim-reading your ‘about’ section, they can get a proper feel for you and your business within minutes. This personal introduction increases trust and is shown to boost lead conversions.

VideoForm helps you to make the perfect first impression, as you can record the intro video as many times as you need to.

If the first couple don’t feel quite right, just hit re-record!

+ Boosts lead conversions

Another great thing about the software is that it’s proven to boost lead conversions. The face-to-face contact builds trust and makes prospects more likely to purchase your product or service.

An introduction video that exudes passion and professionalism will make prospects feel at ease and encourage them to work with you.

+ Offers something new

With VideoForm, you can offer something that other businesses aren’t. Most companies rely solely on email inquiries or a live chat to interact with prospects. VideoForm gives customers something unique – a face-to-face conversation from the comfort of their own home.

+ Reply in your own time

Unlike standard video calls, VideoForm allows both you and your prospect to reply in your own time.

You don’t need to find a time slot that suits both of you; instead, you can each send your video message when you get a spare moment.

As you only need a few minutes, you can squeeze in a quick reply between other tasks.

+ Multiple reply options

Many people love the idea of video messages; some, however, do not.

Thankfully, VideoForm has other options for prospects who want to steer clear of video chat.

There are options to send an audio message for those who prefer to stay off-camera or even a text reply for those who prefer that route.

+ Forms

As the name suggests, VideoForm also offers contact forms. As well as the standard information form, the software comes with customizable options so you can create a form that suits your needs.

This allows you to gather all the necessary data from your prospects. The forms can be easily edited, allowing you to make changes whenever you see fit.

+ Option to use stock videos

VideoForm comes with plenty of stock videos for those who want to use them. Maybe you’re strapped for time, or maybe you’d just prefer to stay off-camera; whatever the reason, VideoForm has got you covered.

The stock videos can give the appearance of a personal introduction without having to record a video.

+ Option to embed on your site

VideoForm comes with two options – you can either embed it on your website or share it as a link. If you’re using the software on your site, it can replace your standard contact form or even go on your homepage as a personal introduction.

With an option to also share it as a link, you can send your video via email or share it on your social media platforms.

+ Collect testimonials

After working with a client, you can use VideoForm to save a video testimonial from them. You can then share these on your website and social platforms to build trust amongst new prospects.

While typed testimonials are fine, videos take things to the next level and offer a personal touch that you can’t get from a typed review. Thoughts and emotions are much clearer in a video than they are when written down.

VideoForm can showcase your previous clients’ happiness with your work, helping to build trust amongst prospects.

+ Mobile compatible

VideoForm is mobile compatible. This means that the software will work perfectly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Prospects browsing your site from their phone can still watch your introduction video and record their own message with ease.

You can see how your video will look across different devices via the VideoForm site.

+ Communicate throughout a project

VideoForm is ideal for boosting conversion rates and bagging new clients, but that’s not all it’s good for.

Once you’ve secured a project, you can use the software to send video emails and keep in touch throughout. This minimizes the need for lengthy emails and gets the message across more efficiently.

You can use VideoForm in your email by installing the Chrome extension.



Below, we explore some of VideoForm’s not so good points.

– Features are limited with the Free and Indie plans

VideoForm offers three different price plans: Free, Indie, and Team. As you’d expect, the first two plans are cheaper than the third and therefore come with fewer features.

While we’d expect the features to be limited in the Free plan, there seems to be quite a big gap between the Indie and Team subscription.

– Free plan doesn’t offer sales features

The Free plan gives you a taster of the marketing features but unfortunately doesn’t offer any of the sales options. This means that you can’t trial the 1-1 video emails or install the Gmail Add-on until you’ve invested in one of the paid plans.


There are three VideoForm plans to choose from: Free, Indie, and Team. Below, we explore these in more detail.

Free – $0 per month

The free plan is the most basic subscription that VideoForm offers. With this plan, you get 1 Video Form, 30 minutes of audio and video, VideoForm branding, and custom in video call to action.

The services are somewhat limited, but they’re certainly enough to get you started. The Free plan is ideal for users who want to try out VideoForm without investing from the get-go.

If you like what you see, you can always upgrade at a later date. The only con to this plan is that the sales features are not included.

Indie – $29 per month

Next up is the Indie plan. Perfect for sole-traders and one-man bands, this plan comes with a ton of features for a reasonable monthly cost.

For $29 per month, you’ll get 10 video forms, 100 minutes of audio and video, reduced VideoForm branding, custom in video call to action, and track using FB Pixel, GA.

This means that you can add tracking pixels from Facebook, Google Analytics, and Tag Manager to give you more information.

The Indie plan comes with limited sales features including 1-1 video emails, the ability to send video emails from Gmail, and a Gmail Add-on.

Team – $69 per month

Team is the most advanced of the VideoForm plans. Priced at $69 per month, this subscription comes with everything that the company offers, including unlimited video forms, 300 minutes of audio and video, your logo on VideoForms, custom in video call to action, track using FB Pixel, GA, 3 team members and URLs with your branding.

The Team plan also comes with plenty of sales features, including unlimited 1-1 video emails, the ability to send video emails from Gmail, a Google Workspace Add-on, the ability to send emails from Hubspot, and the option to create shared team folders.

One of the best things about this plan is that you can add your own branding to your VideoForms. This gives a highly professional appearance and ensures the VideoForm fits perfectly with the style of your site. You can add additional team members to this plan for $29 per month.

There’s the option to add additional minutes to any of the pricing plans. These are priced at $10 for 50 minutes or $90 for 500 minutes.


VideoForm can be embedded on your website or integrated with Gmail and used for 1-1 video messaging. It’s worth noting that Gmail integration is only available in the paid plans and cannot be trialed for free.

So, there you have it – our VideoForm review. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or a large corporation, VideoForm can provide face-to-face video conversation and boost your lead conversions. Flick through the different plans to see which suits you best.



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