Clipomatic Review

Clipomatic is a smart video editor that can convert anything you say into a live caption. You just have to press the record button, speak into your device’s microphone clearly, and the works appear as captions on the recording.

With this tool, it’s easy to enhance the video with various artistic filters to surprise friends. On top of that, you can also use it on professional recordings to provide a read-only version for hearing-impaired people.

Apalon Apps created Clipomatic. This development company paves the way for other mobile app development options and has the most popular portfolio in the world. Many of its apps have won awards in the past, which means you feel confident knowing that Clipomatic does what it promises.


With Clipomatic, there are many ways to create videos. Plus, it is fun and quick to do. Most people use different formats based on the social media post type they’re using. This software allows you to record in Full or Square mode, so it’s perfect for smartphones and laptops.

You also have many caption styles available. Make it easy for your viewers to see what you’re saying. When you want to do something modern and fresh, consider a crazy style. It’s going to drive your viewers wild and keep them coming back for more to see what you come up with next!

Once you’ve completed the video (with the captions automatically created), you can select a particular filter. That way, it looks amazing and puts you in the best light, too.

We like that you can record your captions in different languages. That way, it’s easy to customize things while you’re running around. In fact, you speak in your native tongue (there are 30 languages to pick from) and capture the words. Then, change the written words in the app.

Those who have international followers can speak in their native tongue and use captioning to show it in another language. Options can include: Indonesian, Hebrew, Greek, German, French, English, Finnish, Malay, Japanese and many others.

Once your video is ready, edit the captions when you make changes to the video. There’s a pencil icon within Edit mode to help you add or edit them effortlessly.

What You Can Use It For

Everyone can create amazing videos for various needs, such as:

  • Lifestyle Vlogs
  • Cooking Classes
  • Travel Blogs
  • Make-up Tutorials
  • Instagram Stories
  • Snapchat Stories
  • Facebook Posts

You can use them on YouTube and other streaming services. It’s also possible to make recordings for blogs to give more information or a friendly, personal touch.

Businesses often use audio and visual options to create how-to videos and make it easier for visual learners to figure out what to do.

Most Clipomatic users are vloggers (video bloggers) who want to create stunning videos and talk about almost anything. With the tool, you aren’t required to pay extra for captioning services. The benefit here is that you can still offer that feature for hearing-impaired watchers but do it all yourself.

Typically, you’re not required to create the video and then use Clipomatic to create captions. As you start recording, turn on Clipomatic and get everything done at once. You don’t have to use a separate video recorder, either. This one records the visuals and sounds while automatically captioning them, too.


  • Safe to use
  • Offers great support
  • Easy to download to your Apple device
  • Works in different languages to customize videos on the go


  • Doesn’t work with Android devices
  • Can produce garbled information if you don’t speak clearly
  • Can’t have both voice and captions in the videos (more for tutorials where you’re showing someone how to do something)


There is a freemium version of Clipomatic to let you get a sense of what it does. However, this only offers a very basic service.

If you’re a professional vlogger or tutorial giver, you probably want a paid plan. There is a free trial period, but we’re unsure of how long this is.

The price used to be $6.99, but it was recently dropped to $4.99. We aren’t sure if this is a forever thing or if it’s a special deal. However, if you want to add words to your videos, now might be the time to buy it.

Typically, once you purchase the app, you aren’t required to buy anything else. There could be extra filters and caption styles available for purchase separately. You’re not obligated to buy them, but once you do, they are yours to keep for as long as you use the app.

Comparisons to Similar Software

For iPhone and iPad users, various apps are similar to Clipomatic. Those who want to try something for free can use MixCaptions. It automatically transcribes the videos to get elegant and accurate captions.

People can automatically add captions to the videos, edit and customize them, and use it for various platforms. However, it doesn’t have as many customizations as the paid Clipomatic app and can only transcribe videos for three minutes at a time.

Caption This – Video Subtitles is another alternative to Clipomatic. It costs $2.99, so it’s a bit less. On top of that, you can load previously recorded videos or record them live. It’s designed to perfectly sync the captions with the speech, and edit them.

There are various colors and fonts, and it doesn’t have a limit as to video length. It is similar to Clipomatic and also works on photos you take.


Many people focus on creating video content to make things pop. You may have a vlog (video blog) or want to use different methods of connecting with your followers. Videos are great for that, but sometimes, it’s hard to understand what you say and watch what you’re doing.

Captions can help, and you can customize them how you want for optimal viewing pleasure with Clipomatic. Though it’s only available for iPhones and iPads, it’s a great tool if you already own one of these devices. Check it out today!

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