This software is the very first Unified Digital Workplace Platform. You can manage all your work in one place. Over 10,000 customers in 160 countries trust KissFlow.

All business users can create, modify, and work on this platform. The software is easy to use and includes the best technologies to make work easy for non-technical people. You don’t have to waste your time on complicated mapping or coding, as everything is done smoothly.


Business Process Management

Thanks to this platform, you can smoothly manage your business. KissFlow has a notification system, so you are not going to miss any crucial information. You can track all the project’s changes, so you can know all actions step by step. You can also regulate access permission and set collaboration.

Attendance Tracking

You can easily schedule your calendar for all employees. You can also calculate overtime and check everything on analytics.

Automated Forms

Thanks to automated forms, you don’t have to waste your time designing anything. Workflow automation makes your company more successful as you save a lot of time.

Progress Tracking

Keep your hand on the pulse by tracking all progress. Manage tasks and check how your employees are doing to be sure that everything is going to be done on time.

Prebuilt Reports

You don’t have to waste your time creating reports, as you can use the ones that are already created in the software. Simply pull up the information and enjoy an overview of your work.

Mobile App

Have access to your statistics and information wherever you are. You can install the app on your Android or iPhone and manage your team from anywhere.

What Can You Use It For?

You can create a workflow based on a people-first approach. You create the rules of how the system works, rather than being dependent on the software construction. A simple interface, for users and creators, allows every single person from your team to be able to contribute. An automated business app can be created in less than 15 minutes.

This platform is made to create a business application. Because of that, users get the chance to design numerous apps. It’s also a wonderful tool for finances and HR teams.

You can edit or design each app using the application’s wizard. You can add a field with date and time, dropdowns, user lists, and more. After that, you can define the workflow.


  • Easy app construction thanks to the application’s wizard
  • Option to reassign the task
  • Mobile app available
  • You can design your own workflow


  • Lack of process mapping
  • No FMLA tracking
  • Lack of copy/paste option for tasks
  • It may take a while for employees to learn how to use the program
  • People say that customer support should be better


Above all, KissFlow comes with a free trial that allows users to test the functionality of the app before making a final purchase. KissFlow costs $9 per user, per month. If you are a big enterprise, contact a vendor for more details.

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