Business Process Management Software: BPM Software (BPMS).
We all want more time and money. Businesses are no different. Business process management software (BPMS) setup takes some investment initially, but in the end, the benefits of intelligent BPM software are vast, not to mention measurable. Below are some reasons why organizations turn to Process Director BPMS software solutions:

  • Integrated Business Rules Engine: Process Director’s business rules engine uses advanced machine learning algorithms to empower users to rapidly implement better workflow and more complex business processes.
  • No Programming: 100% web-based GUI workflow builder for business usersβ€”no programming required.
  • Web-Based Smart Forms: A faster, easier and more cost effective way to create an automated electronic forms system.
  • Reporting and Process Intelligence: Process Director business process management software offers a variety of searching, reporting, business activity management (BAM), and process intelligence (BI) features.

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