Dubsado Review

Dubsado is a software system that offers multiple business tools under one tab. This is advertised as a way to make you more efficient, waste less time on busy work, and minimizing your browser tabs.

Dubsado is designed to help business owners in every industry streamline their business from client relations to scheduling. This blank canvas is made for everyone from DJs to Hairstylists. Really, no matter what you do, you can find a use for this tool!


Having all your business tools in one place for easy access, sharing, and scheduling, is the purpose of this software. The tools that they offer within this system are:

  • Forms and templates for document creation and distribution.
  • Invoicing to track hours and services billed.
  • Automation of things like scheduling and reminders.
  • Project and client management for tracking assignments.
  • Scheduling for efficient workflow.
  • Reporting to track finances and profits.

What You Can Use It For

Dubsado’s features make it a great tool for all business owners trying to organize their information and forms in one place. For example, if you offer services such as hair cutting, you can create a customer check-in form, schedule their next appointment, contact them about services, and record your income from the cut.


  • All the features you need — without being overwhelming. Most systems can have you feeling lost in the noise. Dubsado strikes a perfect balance of only including exactly what you need and nothing more. It’s like business magic.
  • Dubsado is affordable for the services it offers. The cost of all the extra plug-ins, applications, and software business owners usually spend trying to manage their company can get pricey.


  • No app. The addition of a mobile app could take this software to the next level, so business owners could book appointments or contact clients on the go. Until an app is developed, it can be hard for this software to compete with other programs that have one.
  • For bigger businesses, there is a slower processing speed, which can hold up business managers trying to accomplish multiple tasks in a short time period.


Dubsado offers flat pricing at $35 a month, with a two months free deal if you sign up for annual billing. They have a free program available to start with limited access to features.

If you add an additional brand, you can organize these two businesses separately under the same account for an additional $10 a month.

This whole offer includes three users accesses to start. Adding additional team members costs between $25 and $60 more a month, depending on how many additional accesses you would like to buy.


Dubsado is a great option for those looking to streamline their business. At an affordable price, Dubsado offers everything business owners small and large are looking for.

Increased organization means less time wasted, which means more income. Once an app is developed and processing times are sped up to handle larger companies, this software could be a leader in its field. A true five-star service.

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