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Mind Mapping

Expand your creative thinking and generate new ideas with the visual thinking tool loved by millions of people worldwide. Choose from Speed Mind Maps to quickly collate ideas, or super-creative Organic Mind Maps for full customization of branches with placement, color, images and more.

Gantt Timeline View

With Ayoa’s Gantt Timeline View, easily create your own Gantt-style charts to achieve more effective time management. See everything you need to do (and when) at a glance by setting start and Due Dates for tasks, adding Milestones and charting your progress in a clear timeline.

Most task management apps all look the same. Ayoa breaks the mold on what you expect from task management, so your creative ideas can flourish.

Ayoa’s Canvas View provides the perfect space for you to create visually stimulating Task Boards, where you can organize and manage your workload with efficient ease.

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