Zube is a project management platform. It can be synced with GitHub in real-time. A kanban/scrum board has been designed for developers. It can help to manage a team and create a ticketing system for the whole group.

The kanban board provides an Agile workflow out of the box. Get a clear overview of your project, or take a closer look with advanced filtering.


  • Great Interface – Zube has a fast interface that is very user-friendly. The workflow is smooth, thanks to the kanban board.
  • Advanced Filtering – You can get an overview of your project or have a closer look at particular measurements thanks to advanced filtering.
  • Works with GitHub – If you have GitHub repositories, you can attach them to your Zube project. Thanks to this, your data is always up to date on both platforms.
  • Developer Tasks for Everyone – Even if you are not a developer, you can still collaborate on developer tasks. Even better, you can accomplish any goal.
  • Customer Support Tickets – Your team can stay focused and be hands-on with the problem. Thanks to customer support tickets, you can be sure that all critical issues are going to be noticed and resolved quickly. That increases your team communications and allows you to be accountable.

What Can I Use Zube For?

Zube is a great tool to follow various tasks within a team. It’s dedicated to various types of teams and is a good solution for big and small teams. It can be especially useful for product development teams, as it has outstanding integration with GitHub.

This software can increase the effectiveness of your team because of organization. A project can be easily added and managed. Every employee can be involved in the project, which gives more direct contact, better understanding, and higher chances of completing it successfully. The intuitive and light interface makes the whole process pleasant and easy.

Zube Review


  • Oustanding interface
  • Slack integration
  • Free version for small teams
  • Lightweight
  • One kanban with multiple GH repositories
  • GitHub integration


  • Lack of mobile app
  • You can connect Git to Zube only after the first commitment in Git


Zube pricing table

The pricing of this product starts at $10 per user. If your team has four or fewer people, you don’t have to pay. If it’s five or more people, you have to pay $10 per user per month.

If you want to check if this software is for you, you can get a trial. The period lasts 30 days, and if you qualify, it will turn into a free version after that time.

A free trial gives you access to all of Zube’s features. You can also add as many users as you want. Once the free trial is over, you will be prompted to enter billing information, as you must start paying for the service at that point.

If you face any special circumstances, you can contact Zube’s producers and ask them to prolong the free trial.

You are not going to be charged for any collaborators on GitHub who are not signed up for your Zube. Also, people who have not joined your projects on Zube can cooperate for free, which is a great feature.

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