Whimsical Sticky Notes Review

What began as a collection of sticky notes on the wall is now the world’s most basic project management platform. It is well-organized and, it is adaptable.

However, the idea of just a collection of sticky notes on a wall grew as the Whimsical team and; the product expanded.

We are no longer in the same room and sticking tons of sticky notes on the wall anymore because the wall had run out of space. Thus, the innovative, unique, and creative idea of Whimsical Sticky Notes was created.

What Are Whimsical Sticky Notes?

It is a multimedia project management platform that helps its users to communicate more effectively and introduces more fun ways to collaborate with your employees and team.

For a while now, we have been using Sticky Notes to manage our product creation tasks, and it has been nothing but a pleasure.

Whimsical Sticky Note has reimagined the way companies and; their users manage their projects and tasks. With this online digital platform, the sky is limit. It is designed with speed, delight, convenience, and collaboration in mind.


  • Cards are similar to actual sticky notes, but they have special abilities. You may add rich text explanations, photographs, and other information to cards. We use cards to track and discuss tasks like adding a function, repairing a bug, or creating a blog entry.
  • Stacks are sets of cards that have been organized. You can scale and transfer stacks across the desktop, and the app is going to automatically reorganize the cards to suit your specific requirements. Stacks are used as measures in the Whimsical product creation method and workflow. We often divide larger phases up into multiple piles. Our project backlog, for instance, is organized by features (also known as Epics) and job style.
  • The board resembles a physical wall, but it is free of all boundaries and borders. Your project is represented by a board. For instance, we presently use Omni to handle all of our projects. Stacks and cards may be placed in a variety of ways on boards. You may also use metadata like marks and arrows to help users navigate the layout.

What Can You Use Whimsical Sticky Notes For?

  • Effective Communication
  • Project and Product Development
  • Writing a Blog Entry
  • Adding Work Features
  • Team Management
  • And more!!


  • You can capture everything!
  • You can organize like a professional!
  • The sky is the limit – unlock your creativity on this platform


  • A new platform with room to grow


  • Starter pack allowing users to tree for free.
  • Pro package for $10 billed annually or $12 annually.
  • Organization package for $20 billed annually.


If you are looking to simplify the management of your projects, then Whimsical Sticky Notes are the perfect product and service for you.

It is an easy-to-understand, effective, efficient, and well-organized platform that unlocks your creativity, allows uncompromising freedom, and is a powerful yet simple tool.

You can also try Whimsical Sticky Notes today for free.

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