Vtiger Review

Vtiger can be described as a robust, easy-to-use, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to deliver tremendous customer experiences and transactions. Vtiger works by bridging the gaps between their sales, marketing, and support team.

The system has the means to transform your business, boost growth, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Deployment, support, and training are at your disposal, so you can become versed in all things Vtiger.


The key features of Vtiger include:

  • E-mail and SMS campaigns
  • Sales insights
  • Approvals
  • Surveys
  • Web forms
  • Inventory management
  • Document tracking
  • Identifying deals at risk
  • Case routing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Work orders
  • Vtiger Calculus AI
  • Lead scoring
  • Analyzing and forecasting revenue
  • Team mailbox
  • Automated workflows
  • Project management

What is Vtiger Used For?

Vtiger is used throughout the entire customer lifecycle and adds value to all the stages. The software begins by allowing marketing teams to secure and nurture leads, the sales team then gets to score, track, and close resulting deals and ensure support teams can assess the entire customer history and give support where necessary.

The system is customizable to satisfy the needs, preferences, and demands of your organization. Customer support is available via e-mail, chat, and phone on a 24/5 basis. It stores all the customer information and details in a single database that gives a unified view for support teams, sales, and marketing.

Pros and Cons

Vtiger is an excellent system with various features that are easy to operate and understand, offers superb customer service, yields a good value for money, has broad functionality, and is customizable. While the benefits are great there are still glitches and quirks to work out with the system.

As some users have reported, the system poses a challenge to integrate with other software at first, takes a long time to save, there are not enough tools to displays specific details of clients, there are rerouting issues, and there is also a tricky workflow.


Vtiger offers various pricing packages with different rates. There is a free plan that is perfect for businesses that are just getting started on their CRM journey. This package includes contact management, contact engagement, marketing, internal collaboration, project management, help desk, sales enablement, sales pipeline, storage, and mobile app.

There is also a complete CRM that can get all your teams on one page with the Customer One View option. It includes salesforce automation, conversations, desk management, dashboards, and inventory management.

This package costs $30 a month per user and comes with a free trial. The third package is an enterprise-grade CRM that comes fully loaded. It gives you all the top-tier features for much less than competitors charge. With advanced features such as internal ticketing and desk management, a free trial is available, and the paid version costs only $42 a month per person.


Vtiger is a cost-effective system that is an asset for all kinds of businesses with its wide variety of features such as project management, appointment scheduling, and the ability to analyze and forecast revenue.

It is available in different package options to suit your team size and budget. If you are looking for a system that is easy to configure and use and ensures seamless operations across departments while elevating the customer experience, service, and interactions, Vtiger is the one.

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