Ora Software – Review, Features and Pricing

Ora is an on-premise and cloud-based task management program.

It’s designed to help small and large companies organize and create their specific projects.

With flexibility in mind, it focuses on being a command center and team workspace for everyone on board.

This application offers several views for various project styles and teams. Therefore, users don’t have to switch between apps and can configure the software to fit their project and business needs instead of the other way around.


There are plenty of features to enjoy with Ora. These include:

Time-tracking and Collaboration

With Ora, you can track the time it takes to complete activities and tasks. That way, the team stays updated and is on the same page for each project.

People can use it to track issues, which offers more insight into how much time you spend on each problem. Cards include mentions, notifications, and comments to facilitate clearer and smoother communication throughout the team.

Observer members, including external partners, can have limited rights while providing feedback and posting comments. In fact, teams can embed project timelines into their websites to give clients automatic updates of the progress at a quick glance.

If you use Trello, you can integrate with Ora to import cards. Plus, you receive alerts from your Stack membership.

Project and Task Management

Ora is a highly powerful task manager and provides users with a simple interface and excellent features. Start with just a simple task list and transform it to a Kanban board if you want. That means it’s easy to track your to-dos, tasks, and cards to see progress throughout the workflow.

Your cards can include task relations, milestones, labels, due dates, assignee, file attachments, and subtasks. Plus, with the “My Tasks” view, everything is organized based on the user, even when work is given outside this project management application.

On top of that, bulk action, such as powerful search and multiple selects are available.

Upcoming Options

Ora launched recently, so it’s still in early access modes. However, it is working hard and updating the feature lists for later releases. These include:

  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Third-party integrations
  • Team chats
  • Active syncs
  • Much more

What You Can Use It For

Any team can use Ora as an all-in-one and real-time workspace. It includes everything you require to be productive, such as chat, time-tracking, scrum, Kanban, task management, reports, and more.

Plus, it’s easy to use, so you’re not going to spend weeks training everyone!


  • Ease of Use – Ora works quite well, so once you acclimate, you can set up new tasks and project boards to assign things to different team members.
  • Customization – It’s easy to do whatever you want with Ora, such as customize the layouts of your projects.
  • Management – You’re a god with Ora. Easily manage the team, see what they’re doing, how they spend their time, and get reports for all of it.
  • Reporting – The reporting features are amazing here.
  • Pricing – Though we feel that price is both a drawback and a benefit, it is very fair. With a forever-free plan, you really get a feel for it and can upgrade as you get more members of the team.


  • Few Integrations – Ora could really use a Zapier integration to be indispensable for businesses.
  • Onboarding – While there are some guides for onboarding, we want to see more. It’s so easy to get lost with the options and parts to explore. Plus, it’s hard to get the project boards how you want them without spending a lot of time on them.
  • Task and Board Samples – Though no competitors offer this feature, we want to see more project board templates and samples to work from. With a pre-built template for CRM or sales, you could get started faster.
  • Task Templates – You can make the tasks recurring, but it’s impossible to create new cards with pre-loaded checklists.
  • Pricing – It could be very nice to have unlimited users on a free plan, but we realize that it’s a business and wants to be paid.


With Ora, there is a freemium pricing model. Each plan offers unlimited attachments, comments, tasks, and projects. As you go with higher premium plans, you get advanced features and more users.

Basic is forever-free for up to three users. You also receive 10MB of online space. Startup is next with all of the features from the previous plan, though you do get some additions.

For example, it costs $4.33 a month for each user when billed annually (or $6 per month per user when paid monthly). You get eight users, 10 free observers, a maximum file size of 100MB, and much more.

Professional has no limit for users and is $5.99 a month for each user when billed annually (or $8 a month per user when paid monthly.) With it, this is a maximum file size of 250MB, and you get unlimited free observers.

At Enterprise level, it costs $15.99 a month for each user when billed annually (or $20 a month per user when paid monthly.) You have no limit on users and free observers. Plus, you still get the 250MB file size, single-sign-on, file encryption, and two-factor identification.

There is also a free 30-day trial period for each premium plan.

Ora vs. Trello – The Comparison

Trello is a top project management software for companies, but you may be searching for an alternative. Ora can fit that bill, so let’s see how it compares:

While we feel that Trello is easier to use, this may change because it is ever-improving. It can take a learning curve, but you get better management and features.

Ora offers advanced flexibility and features to help with time-tracking and different views. Plus, the reporting screens let you see time logs and activity for the team.


Ora is an application that focuses on flexibility and transparency for project management.

You quickly discover your need for it, and the features unfold before your eyes to make any task easier.

On top of that, it offers a clean and simple user interface. Plus, there are plenty of tools to help with collaboration and communication.

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