Onesheet CRM Review

Struggling to manage communication across your business?

A CRM could make things easier for you. A Customer Relationship Manager is software designed to help manage your communication and improve relationships with new and existing clients.

OneSheet CRM is a free, straightforward, and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Manager that is used with Google Sheets.

The software is designed for small businesses to track leads and sales efficiently and help you to close deals with less effort.

Want to know more about OneSheet CRM? We don’t blame you!

Below, we explore OneSheet CRM in more detail.

Key Features

  • Track leads – OneSheet CRM allows you to track leads and prospective clients, helping you to take your business to the next level with minimal effort.
  • Manage Contacts – With OneSheet CRM, you can input and store your customers’ information more efficiently. There are even smart options, including a customizable drop-down menu to streamline your workflow.
  • Manage Sales – When you open up your dashboard, you’ll see an instant summary of your sales pipeline. This gives you important insights such as the value of your opportunities in different stages of the workflow and can help you to see exactly when you’re doing something right.
  • Create Custom Pipelines – With OneSheet CRM, you can create custom Pipelines and filter your list of clients by status, pipeline stage, source, and loss reason. This can help to narrow down your list and streamline your workflow.


+ Easy to use

Some CRMs are complicated to get your head around; thankfully, OneSheet CRM is not.

The software benefits from an easy to use interface that provides a simple way to manage your clients. Even if you’re totally new to CRM, you won’t have any issues with OneSheet.

+ Works with Google

OneSheet is designed to be used with Google Drive. Obviously, this could be seen as a negative if you don’t use Google, but for Google users, this is a definite pro.

As well as syncing with your Google Sheets documents, the software has a ‘Google-like’ feel to it, making it feel familiar to Google users.

+ Create Custom Pipelines

With OneSheet CRM, you can create Custom Pipelines to manage your information. If you can’t find a template that suits your needs, don’t panic!

You can whip up a custom one within seconds. This means that you can sort your information in a way that suits your business.

+ It’s free

OneSheet CRM is 100% free. Unlike some CRMs, there are no hidden fees to consider with this software, which is a major benefit for most users!

The majority of CRMs are costly. If you’re just starting to manage your contact and leads, you may not be ready to invest in a fancy, expensive CRM. If that’s the case, OneSheet CRM is a great option.

+ Made out of Google Sheets

Many small businesses aren’t looking for a fancy CRM solution. Instead, they’re looking for something simple but effective that saves them time and money.

The spreadsheets in OneSheet are created directly from Google Sheets, saving you and your business valuable time and money.

+ Detailed dashboard

The dashboard shows your business sales pipeline, contacts, and opportunities. So, in short, everything you need to run your business efficiently!

A breakdown of your opportunities by stage is also shown on the dashboard.

+ Identify the most valuable stages of your sales process

With OneSheet CRM, you can see exactly which stage of your opportunities pipelines has the most value. You can then focus on moving them to the next stage and completing the deal.

For instance, if you have a lot in a certain area, you may want to focus on moving those opportunities forward.


– Less advanced than fully-fledged CRMs

OneSheet CRM is perfect for those looking for simple, affordable, and basic CRM.

However, it is less advanced than fully-fledged CRMs and therefore doesn’t have as many functions and capabilities. This could be seen as a con amongst those looking for something less basic.

– No option to upgrade

It’s great that OneSheet is free, but the downside is that there are no paid plans to upgrade to if you want to use more advanced features. This means that the use of OneSheet CRM is limited to those looking for a basic, low-level option.

Price Plans

As we mentioned earlier, there is only one price plan with OneSheet CRM – free. Unlike most CRM solutions, OneSheet has no option to upgrade to a paid plan if you see fit.

While this is ideal for users who are satisfied with the standard features, it’s a downside for those who are growing their business and need to invest in something more advanced.

Instead of upgrading to a paid OneSheet CRM plan, those users will need to take their business elsewhere.

That being said, there are certainly positives to OneSheet CRM being 100% free – in addition to the major positive of it being affordable!

As OneSheet has no paid plans, there’s no chance of the standard features being removed from the free plan and moved onto the paid version instead. This means that all of the features are guaranteed to remain accessible and totally free of charge.


OneSheet CRM integrates with Google Sheets and Google Drive to increase productivity and streamline your workflow. This is ideal for those already using Google, as you can move all of your customer information straight across in seconds.

So, there you have it – our OneSheet CRM review. Overall, the software is a superb choice for individuals or small business owners looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable CRM solution.

Not sure whether it’s right for you? Don’t panic! As the software is 100% free, there’s no harm in giving it a try. If you don’t like it, you can then invest in something a little more advanced.

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