NetHunt CRM, your smart Gmail Inbox.
Enhance your Inbox with an Enterprise-level CRM functionality.

NetHunt CRM is a customer relationship management system for Gmail and Google Apps. It serves as a customizable system for organizing business processes and communications, letting you manage business without leaving the inbox.

Remember how in Google Drive you can gather Documents and Sheets in a single folder? You can collect files related to a client, but this approach covers only several types of files, leaving emails in Gmail, chat messages in Hangouts, reminders in Calendar and some handwritten notes in a notebook.

NetHunt CRM lets you collect everything related to a business entity inside a record. Each record is a lead, a support case, a job candidate, a customer or whichever business entity is relevant in your field.

You can add emails or files to existing records or create new ones from within Google Apps. Then you can group these record, for example, by stages to represent them as a pipeline, by assignees to turn them into a project dashboard or by cities to send a mass mail to your segmented client base.

Records and views are shareable to allow collaboration and keeping all teammates on the same page.

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