Jar Review

This software is dedicated to managing clients, files, and works in progress that you are focusing on. Thanks to JarHQ, you can improve your workflow and create wonderful communication with your clients.


Creative collaboration: your clients can send you an email with a new request, feedback, etc. You can see all those requests in one place.

File management: the file management is intuitive and allows you to have easy and quick access to all the files you might need. Thanks to this, you can work faster, without the need of digging in different places to find the last version of your design project.

Reporting: whether you have to manage your creative team or have a quick look into overdue work, smart reports from JarHQ can help you to find what you need in no time.

Automated storage: Jar can keep your storage neat. Moreover, it prepares files that can be opened in most browsers without messing up permission settings.

Grows with you: As your team is growing, the software grows with you, providing you all you need for your bigger creative group.

Client dashboard: JarHQ has a dashboard on which your coworkers and clients can see how the work is going. They just need to open the page and see everything that they need to know. Thanks to this, you save time that you would spend on sending updated emails.

White labeling: JarHQ gives you all the best features that you can market as your own. Add a logo, change the color, and turn JarHQ’s interface to suit your brand’s voice.

What You Can Use It For

This software is a perfect choice for creatives that need help with managing their time. As Jar was built by creatives, it can meet the needs of all people who work in this industry. It’s dedicated to freelancers, small companies, and larger businesses.


  • Possibility to white label software
  • Clear reporting
  • Easy contact with clients
  • Free trial and demo version available
  • Intuitive file management
  • The possibility to expand when your team gets bigger
  • Automated storage that helps you organize your files better and increase your workflow
  • Cloud backup, perfect when you have to send heavy files


  • High price


You can try JarHQ for free for one month. You don’t need to use your credit card. You can also request a demo version to check all the most crucial features. The price after the free trial is $25 per month per user.


If you work in a creative industry, reaching for this software can be a good idea. Who knows better what you need than creatives themselves? The biggest plus of JarHQ is giving access to the client’s dashboard. Thanks to this, you can focus on what is really important instead of trying to explain to your client what you are working on in a particular moment.

However, the high subscription price might not be a good choice, especially for people who work in bigger groups or have just started their freelancing job.


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