Do you need software that helps you to keep track of all your projects and collaboration between your team? Managing your tasks is a crucial thing to do, but you do an effective tool to do this. Introducing HeySpace; this platform is used by thousands of people to assist them in their organization and communication needs.

HeySpace is a free task and simple project management software with communication and collaboration features.

People use this software so that they can communicate efficiently with one another and collaborate with other parties. It is all about managing and working through your tasks on one application to avoid chaos, wasting time, and confusion.

They combine two main features in one application: chat and project management (if Trello and Slack had a baby). They also have a simple and user-friendly interface.

Here is everything you need to know about this software so that you can decide whether it is worth your while or not.

HeySpace Review


This software has a list of features available, such as

  • A free chat option.
  • An easily accessible task management tool
  • Centralized notifications
  • Filters
  • Search options
  • Task importing functions
  • Integrations with other platforms such as Gmail.

What Can You Use HeySpace For?

People who are trying to organize their small, medium, or large enterprises and departments can use HeySpace for communication purposes when they have to work together on specific projects.

It is an excellent alternative to other organizing, project management, and communications platforms, as it merges all these qualities into one space.


  • It allows for smooth transitions between task management and conversations.
  • There are constant updates on your projects and tasks.
  • You can collaborate with other people or entities.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Activity history is available.
  • You can differentiate between private and public spaces.
  • One can create multiple communication channels.
  • It does not have as many features as some of the alternative software.


  • There are limited user spaces.
  • HeySpace does not provide mobile apps.


There are various versions of HeySpace available, which means that there are multiple pricing options. HeySpace contains a Free and Premium version.

The Free version is a perfect place to start because:

  • It allows up to five users.
  • There is 10GB file storage.
  • You have access to unlimited tasks.
  • There are unlimited projects available to you.
  • You can have up to five free guests.
  • There is a board view.
  • You can access assignees and due dates.
  • There are integrations available on the free version.

If you are looking for something more in-depth, you can access the Premium version, which is $5 per user in the workspace. There is a free trial available for this option. What does this option have to offer? It includes all the features included in the free package plus:

  • Unlimited storage for your files.
  • Various views such as a calendar, timeline, list, overwatch, and my tasks view.
  • Estimates are available.
  • A video call feature.
  • Votes and tags.
  • Recurring tasks
  • Additional seats for guests
  • Multiple integrations with other platforms.

Final Verdict

HeySpace is one of the best project management software programs you can use. Everything you need to ensure the efficient running of operations is provided in one available tool.

Do you need to get better control over your skills? HeySpace could be the platform you need to take your performance and organization to the next level.

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