Flexie Review

Flexie is a software company that was founded in 2010 in Albania. In the beginning, it created a generic software system dedicated to small and medium companies that dealt with the digital transformation of the economy.

After their first success, the creators decided to develop Flexie’s platform so it would be adaptable to many industries. The goal that the development team had was to automate processes within companies. Thanks to that, people who use Flexie can be more productive while doing less. The platform supports the success of enterprises by making work easier and smarter.

Flexi CRM is one of the best products from Flexie. It allows management relations between a business and its clients. Thanks to this function, small and medium enterprises can increase customer retention, gain new customers, and, as an effect, significantly boost their sales and revenue.


Workflow Engine

Thanks to this feature you can easily automate your workflow, improve your sales process, and boost the productivity of the whole team. When you delegate tasks, your team focuses more on what is important.

Multiple SMTP

This tool improves the sending of marketing and transactional emails.

Multiple IMAP

Do not miss any important information. With Flexie, you can integrate all your mailboxes, including Office 365, Gmail, Zoho, and more.

Multiple Dashboards

A clear dashboard is a key to success. If you manage a team with different members, you can set up permissions. Thanks to this, you can be sure that important information is not going to be missed. Additionally, the said information also is not going to be seen by anyone who should not see it.

Deep Filtering

Flexie has an advanced filtering system. Thanks to this, you can better understand your campaigns, workflows, and other elements. Advanced filters allow you to quickly find whatever you need.

Contact Management

Do not look for your client’s contact information using your email client. With Flexie, you can keep track of all your contacts in one place. Cataloging systems, adding filters, importing and exporting contacts, and being able to reassign them make your work more effective and easier.

Deals and Sales

Flexie is a great tool for companies that must manage sales. It allows you to follow deals through every stage of the sales funnel. Therefore, you can precisely plan your next business steps.

Case Management

Central case management allows you to review all cases in one place and assign them automatically to your team members.

Two-Way SMS

The automated SMS system allows you to build a great customer relationship with your clients. You can also create your notification system to always stay up to date.

Website Tracking

When potential clients check your website, you must get their attention. Use automatic actions based on your potential customer behavior to increase your revenue.

Flexie has a user-friendly interface that allows even non-tech-savvy members of your team to benefit from this smart solution. SQL language adds flexibility to your information processing. Quickly pull your data and customize things using reports, charts, and sales info.

What Can You Use It For?

As a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Flexie is a great software for any business that bases its revenue on customer satisfaction. It is recommended for online stores, services, and any other enterprises that need a tool to communicate with customers and increase client satisfaction.


  • Ability to choose between own your storage solution, the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.
  • Flexi supports English and Italian, and the team plans on adding more languages.
  • Enjoy the user-friendly interface and intuitive layout of the system.
  • Customer support is highly rated by clients.


  • Lack of payroll management feature.
  • Some users suggest that it is not a great solution for small businesses.
  • Some users report that using some advanced features of Flexie is not very intuitive and can cause problems for those who are less tech-savvy.

Similar Software

  • Multiview ERP by Multiview – This software system is dedicated to small businesses that grow fast. It also supports medium and large enterprises that exceed $6 million in annual revenue.
  • NetSuite by Oracle E-business – This is one of the best cloud options. It is dedicated to Financial Management and ERP. While it can be used by all enterprise sizes, it works best for medium and large-size companies.


Flexie offers various price deals depending on the needs that you might have. Flexie Light costs $156 per year. Alternatively, you may check your out one of these offers:

  • Starter – This pricing plan allows you to have three user accounts and you also get unlimited emails. Furthermore, Flexie Starter includes two-way SMS sending, 10GB storage, and 5,000 Leads/Contacts. The price for this plan is $89 per month.
  • Professional – This plan costs $399 per month. It allows you to add nine user accounts and 50,000 Leads/Contacts. Additionally, you get access to all the features included in the Starter Plan, with an upgrade to 1TB Storage.
  • Full – The Flexie Full plan costs $799 per month. It has all the features from the professional and starter plans and allows you to add 20 user accounts. You can have up to 500,000 Leads/Contacts and you can enjoy unlimited storage. For the best user experience, Flexie Full gives you a dedicated customer success manager who can answer any of your questions.

All three offers include a seven-day trial for which you pay only $1.

If any of those offers do not suit your business needs, you can contact Flexie and ask for a customized offer. Always check the producer’s website to verify if there are any special offers.


Flexie can help your company to develop effectively. Customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors for a business to succeed. Manage relations with your customers in an easy and smart way.

You can track the sales process and use a drag-and-drop interface to control deals. Feel free to also use some of Flexie’s features to engage with customers via email marketing campaigns.

While Flexie seems to be user-friendly in general, the developers should work on improving the intuitiveness of the more advanced features. Thankfully, even if you have a problem with using the software system, you can always count on the competent support team.

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