Briefcase Review

Briefcase was created to make task management easier. It has a lot of great features, such as estimating, resource planning, purchasing, and invoicing. It can help you to manage your business better.

The software system was created by an Australian company, Tahn Software, in 2005. The producer offers training in person or online.

This management software is available for Mac and Windows and is recommended for creative businesses, such as advertising agencies. Briefcase boasts a great support team that is available for you 24/7.


Briefcase has all you need to take your business to the next level. Some of the most important features include:

Dashboard with Straightforward Time Entry

Whenever you need to register tasks or time entries, you can use a very user-friendly dashboard. With one click, you have access to the tasks you need to perform and all the information related to the job.

The click-and-drag calendar makes managing the said tasks easier. You can quickly add everything you need to know to this view. The calendar can be used for scheduling and registering time entries.

You do not need to waste your time switching between tabs. If you want to notify your team members of a comment on something, you can do it directly from the dashboard.

Easy Job Tracking

It does not matter if you manage a simple task or a giant project. You can easily access all you need to know about jobs that must be done. With a job view in the software system, you can check estimates, purchases, tasks, assets, time entries, invoicing, and much more.

The summary overview indicates you are doing with a project. If you want to see more details, just click on the information present. You can also schedule tasks for your team members and see how the workflow progresses.

Seeing all the tasks and deadlines in one place makes your work more efficient and productive.

Task Management

You can filter tasks by the due date or by the assigned team member. You can also see them on your dashboard. Rest assured that you are not missing anything with Briefcase in the mix.

You can delegate a job directly from the estimate. You can also use this data to build a chart that shows an overview of the whole project.

Reporting System

When you run a business, reporting is very important. With this software system, you can create various reports that you may need. They can cover all areas within Briefcase, so there are comprehensive insights available. Briefcase’s reports were created by business analysts, so they are very well constructed, yet simple to control, and ready to be used by you.

Reports not only show you what you need to see regarding the project. You can also use them to manage time across staff members and make the whole team more effective.

It is also easy to check your costs for all jobs by pulling up just one report. Do you have any special reporting needs that the platform does not meet? That is no problem since you can customize reports to make them suit your needs best.

Integration of Invoicing and Accounting

Accounting can be confusing, but not with Briefcase. The software can even tell you how much invoicing remains on a job. You can create invoices manually or using information that was entered on purchases, estimates, and timesheets.

Additionally, with just one click, you can export this data to QuickBooks or Xero. Feel free to invoice the total amount or just a percentage on a job.

Quoting System

With Briefcase, you can create multiple quote requests for a job. You can manage them and send purchase orders from the software directly to your suppliers. There’s also functionality that allows you to quickly export them to a major accounting software platform, thanks to the integrations present.

You can create a quote request yourself or use a template. There is no need to spend time sending quotes to each of your suppliers. With one click, you can send them to a multiple when you need to.

Additionally, the system also allows you to report on expenses by project and by supplier.

What Can You Use This Software System For?

It is recommended for everyone who manages a team. It brings together all the tools that you need to deal with multiple persons. You do not have to jump from one application to another since Briefcase has it all.

It is also a perfect tool for account managers, directors, finance managers, studio managers, and designers.


  • Dashboard with all the details collected in one place.
  • User-friendly interface with an easy navigation system.
  • Easy management of the completed and started tasks.
  • Over 30 customizable reports.
  • Option to use your own servers or cloud.


  • Some users reported that while working with a larger team, the task manager can get bit confusing.
  • For companies with more team members, the price might be an obstacle.

Similar Software

The market offers some similar software systems, such as example:

  • JAMS by HelpSystem – Dedicated to businesses that want consistent and secure scheduling systems that can be used across various applications and platforms.
  • DevSuite by TechExcel – Dedicated to companies in sectors such as retail, technology, legal, and more. Users can manage workflows, tasks, and contracts within one system. It is a good choice for all business sizes.
  • OTRS by OTRS – OTRS is a service management suite. It is recommended for help desks, corporate security teams, IT businesses, and customer experience teams.


Briefcase offers two plans, which are:

  • Briefcase Private Server: Contact the provider to get a quote.
  • Briefcase Cloud: The price is $30 monthly per user inclusive of tax.

You can also enlist for a free 30-day trial. If you do not decide to subscribe after that time, the company is going to erase your data from the cloud. If you decide to keep a subscription, you can keep using the software with all the information you inserted during the trial phase.


Briefcase is a great choice for small and medium enterprises. The product shows that the producers spent a lot of hours creating a great user experience. It is one of the most powerful job management software systems on the market currently.

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