Blossom Review

Blossom is a software platform that’s similar to Trello and built for individuals who mainly work on software projects. It’s classified as a project tracking tool specifically for modern software development teams and gives each member a clear overview of what each team member is doing.

In addition to this, it also focuses on what matters most and includes GitHub integration, performance insights and analytics, and stand-up meetings. This platform is designed with automatic updates and allows users to remain in their codebase while getting stuff done. Blossom is credited for being the best option for software development companies.


Blossom is equipped with the following features:

  • Cost-to-Completion Tracking
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Idea Management
  • Client Portal
  • Kanban Board
  • Resource Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Traditional Methodologies
  • Milestone Tracking

What Can You Use It For?

Blossom is designed to give every member of the team a clear overview of what each team member is doing and why. This is done at the same time to help focus on tasks that matter most. You can effectively use Blossom to manage your business’s entire development process in one area.

The processes included in the Blossom platform are based on the principles of Kanban, which is a working way that’s goal is to continuously enhance the workflow of your organization or team while emphasizing iterative delivery cycles.


Many benefits come with using Blossom. Some of the most well-liked advantages to using Blossom include:

  • The site is easy to use and operate. Adding to this, it allows you to save time on administrative tasks within your business.
  • It’s equipped with an excellently-designed task flow to ensure that all team members remain on top of their workload.
  • Its robust structure helps to enhance the efficiency offered in a corporation.
  • The design of this platform is known to keep team members motivated.


  • The Blossom pricing for each month is more expensive when looking at alternative options on the market. Not to mention, no discount is provided when signing up for an annual subscription.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans for Blossom start at $19.00 for each user monthly. With that being said, you also have access to a free trial and a free version of the Blossom platform. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that this free version only has a limited range of features in comparison to the premium site.

Final Thoughts

Blossom is an effective tool that can be used in various businesses but is especially useful in software development companies. When using Blossom, you can keep your business’s project management as effortless and light as possible.

This allows you to focus on the fun, exciting parts of your business and leaves the administrative work to the advanced technology incorporated into the platform. Moreover, the processes included in this software enhance the motivation of your employees, especially if they are working remotely.

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