Ballpark Review

Ballpark is a software system for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to streamline their invoicing system and improve time tracking. Instead of wasting time trying to record how much time you are working — ironic — this system does it for you. Knowing how much time you spend on a job or project helps with budgeting, assessing what your time is worth, and ultimately gets you paid.


Ballpark’s advanced time tracking system runs multiple timers at once for different jobs. Set the time and label the job. Once the timing has been completed, you can input the job and hours worked directly into the invoicing system.

Their listed features include:

  • Unlimited invoices & estimates
  • Unlimited projects
  • Overdue payment reminders
  • Stripe & PayPal integration
  • No online payment fees
  • Time tracking

What You Can Use It For

Track your billed and unbilled time. This system is great for determining what hours you are getting paid for and what work you are doing for free. It also lets you know which timers have already been included on an invoice, so you can worry less. Use Ballpark to build trust in your customers as you begin your journey together.


  • What Ballpark really nails is their easy-to-use system. The intuitive design leaves no question in the user’s mind about what step comes next in their system, taking an often complex and time-consuming task and making it easy to tackle.
  • They have great customer service, which is always reassuring when using a new program that you may want assistance getting to know and troubleshooting.


  • They do not have a mobile app. As our digital world grows, and people desire the accessibility of most things to be no further than their pocket, this limitation holds Ballpark back.
  • They are also lacking a report feature, one that many business owners like to have when it comes to the tracking of their invoices.


Pricing is dependent on the size of your business, meaning the more you use it, the more you pay. This makes it an easy investment for new business owners to make when they are just starting out. However, as you add more users, the price can get up there.

The system starts out at $19 a month when you start with one person. Each time you add another user it costs an additional $9. Their highest listed pricing is 99 employees equaling $901 a month, and then offer “special pricing” for 100 users and more. We wish that “special pricing” was offered a little sooner than almost a grand.

They also offer a custom domain and invoice design for an additional $16 a month.


Ballpark gets the highest marks for its design. A clean user interface that is intuitive to use makes accessibility and efficiency a priority in this software, which is often a priority for customers.

As they grow, it would be nice to see their features increase. While the basis of the program is great, more customization would take this software to the next level, and most likely make the price more reasonable to most.

We can’t wait to see what this turns into as the team at Ballpark works to improve this software.

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