Agantty Review

Agantty is a “free, easy, and clear” project management app. It is used to create, assign, and manage multiple team projects at once so that everyone is on the same page.

Using this app can help ensure that deadlines and milestones are easily organized in one shared space.

As the operator of the program you can share or hide accesses, send reminders, and ultimately get your staff working together more fluidly as a team. Because what is a company without teamwork?


Agantty has all the features you need to complete a project from start to finish. First, you create the project. Then provide access to the team members you want on that assignment.

Accesses can be hidden if desired. Use drag and drop to easily share and file assignments, as well as downloaded PDF lists for email reminders. Finally, overview tasks as they are being accomplished, and assure teamwork is happening!

Agantty’s features are:

  • Teamwork
  • Drag and drop
  • Reminders
  • PDF lists
  • Rights management
  • Task overview
  • Gantt chart

What You Can Use It For

This software isn’t just for business companies. It can also be used in schools, sports teams, and volunteer organizations. Students can utilize this program for school projects. Share calendar deadlines and events, make notes of special requirements, and hold everyone accountable for their part, no matter what your reason for working together.


  • Because it is free, it is hard to critique. If you don’t love it then we recommend investing in software that promises more and takes the funding for such.
  • Their Gantt charts are extremely organized and well-executed. The simplicity of the program and customization for each project earns top marks.


  • It can only handle small to medium-sized businesses, so if you are a larger company or plan to expand, we do not recommend using this service
  • We wish there was an autosave feature. As programs begin to offer this more and more, it makes it harder to remember to do it when it is needed. There is nothing more frustrating than spending time creating something only to have that time wasted because you forgot to hit save.


Free. You may be wondering what the catch is, as many are when offered something for “free.” The development team at Agantty writes that they understand the suspicion, but really just wanted to give back since they “benefit a lot from open source software.”

They do mention that additional extensions are available from time to time but that the free program has always been a fully functioning one and is not intended to lure you into spending your money — they don’t want it!


This is a fantastic software program for small teams and businesses that need to work together. This product really makes collaboration go smoothly, which can often be a difficult task to accomplish. Not to mention again, that this free program only offers additional benefits. The tools included in their service are all you could need to oversee any sort of project management.

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