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12 Best & Most Underrated Project Management Software Systems

When you’re trying to narrow down your project management software choices, you’ll find it hard to get past the loud companies with big budgets or vocal founders (not that they’re doing a bad job) to the less-vocal companies with impressive software.

Think of this list like the Youtube artist with 20,000 views after 5 years who has comments like:

“Why does x artist get all the attention when you have real talent?”.

Let’s dive into the most under-rated project management software systems:

1. Glip

If you’re looking for a simple task management software that includes team chat, file storage and calendar, this free tool is epic.

2. Team Gantt

Hands-down, the most beautiful Gantt chart software available (it’s so sad that I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve used that line)

3. Trigger

Does an excellent job at being an all-in-one project planning and management software system, includes invoicing that links to Xero = making friends with your accountant.

4. Roll

Is like the older cousin of Trigger, the all-in-one where you’ll make friends with your accountant, your board of directors and any other person in your company who is addicted to charts and squiggly lines that move towards the top-right corner.

5. Epic Flow

Is for the planner in your company. They’re the chart-lovers but actually know what’s behind the charts. They love to tweak the machine to squeeze every last bit of productivity out of it…oh, we’re talking about people, aren’t we?

6. Paymo

Another all-in-one project management tool that does a solid job of managing the client relationship from go to whoa. You can time-track, use recurring checklists (I love that feature…can’t believe I said that as well), store files and invite clients over for an in-software chat.

7. Sunsama

Such beautiful software that you might just sign up for because you want less spreadsheets and more gradient colours in your life. The unique approach of slotting tasks between appointments in this calendar-bias project management software, will melt the heart of GCal lovers.

8. Flow

Ah, another design-lovers dream. Flat design, simple navigation and Kanban-style goodness come out of this Asana alternative. Using it is like being gently led into becoming a trendy project manager sans the post-it notes.

9. Cushion

For the solo freelancers out there looking for an all-in-one project management buddy, check out the coloured-block design of Cushion so you can see if you’re on track to sleep under paper money or newspapers this month.

10. Forecast

If you’re the type of person who would love a flight-dashboard style display of how your team is performing, Forecast is your A380. Dials, lists, scope creep…amazing that it doesn’t have in-flight announcements.

11. Tallyfy

You’re a checklist person and you want everyone to be checklist people. Check out Tallyfy if you love repeatable processes and ensuring that everything gets done near-perfectly. Get work done perfectly 100% of time, some of the time.

12. Roadmap

Going longer-term? Check out Roadmap for a visually-beautiful way to plan your year, your important tasks, your milestones, your events and see the status of the project. If Mathilde from Front likes it, we like it 😄


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