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I had so many ideas of what Software For Projects could be but the pressing idea was the create a resource website that tried to pull together all my research in project management software systems. It would have multi-faceted search and would highlight every bell and whistle of every PM software on the market. You’d be able to filter your search by the number of users, your budget, the features you needed, the design…


But then I realised that the internet is flooded with data, stats and pages of information that try to help you make the most appropriate choice based on raw information. And the sites I’m drawn to? Are the ones that have an opinion, get it wrong, speak honestly and have a personality. And thus, the idea for SFP has changed to be a subjective resource where I get it wrong as many times as I get it right, I give people advice more than I give information and I try to lead you towards a machine (aka PM & CRM software) that is less clunky to drive and helps you do more with less. I hope it helps, I hope it’s fun and I hope it saves you some hours of research. EnjoyΒ πŸ˜„


The Complete Guide To Project Management

Introduction Welcome to our complete guide to project management, where we’re going to give you all the…

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We've announced some new Winners to make it easier for you to find the perfect project management software for your…

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Software For Projects is a software directory that allows you to find the exact software you need for a specific purpose based on type, features and our helpful reviews and ratings.